Asbestos Worker Training

Every employee working with or even near   Asbestos containing materials must have training.   The level of training depends on the potential to disturb asbestos during work activities.


2 Hour   Awareness Class
  This class is for workers who must work in the   vicinity of Asbestos materials but will not disturb the materials (Class IV)   (see 29CFR 1926(k)(9)).
  (Please call to arrange   for a 2 hour Asbestos awareness class for your employees) 

8 Hour  Advanced Awareness

For employees performing Asbestos Class II  involving roofing materials, flooring materials, siding materials,  or transite panels.  Must have a 12 hour trained competent person on site.
(Please call to arrange for an 8 or 12  hour Advanced Awareness class your employees)  

16 Hour   Operations and Maintenance
For employees performing Asbestos Class   III maintenance (29CFR1926(k)(9)).  8 hour annual refreshers are required.
(Please call to   arrange for a 16 hour Asbestos Operations & Maintenance class for your   employees)

32 Hour Asbestos Worker
The   Initial Class is a 32 hour class meeting all EPA and Michigan requirements for   employees performing Class I and Class II Asbestos work under the direction of a   Competent Person.  This class is prerequisite to obtaining a Michigan Asbestos  Worker License.  Maintenance of the license requires completion of an 8 hour   refresher class once a year.

Objectives of the 32 hour class

  • Physical characteristics of asbestos.   
  • Potential health effects related to asbestos exposure.  
  • Employee personal protective equipment.  
  • State-of-the-art work practices.  
  • Personal hygiene.  
  • Additional safety hazards.  
  • Medical monitoring.  
  • Air monitoring.  
  • Relevant federal, state, and local regulatory requirements, procedures, and standards. 

  • Establishment of respiratory protection   programs.  

The 32 hour worker classes are scheduled monthly   at our Kalamazoo training facility.  

The Asbestos Worker Initial Class is $500.00, and the   annual refresher is $125.00.  If you are interested in attending this class, please sign up using the Courses tab at the top of the page.