Asbestos Management Planner Initial

AMPI - 2 day (16hr) Training Course

 This course is for individuals who wish to write the AHERA Management Plan, required for all schools K-12.  Management planners assess an asbestos hazard and recommend appropriate response actions. This plan is written as a guidance document for those responsible for facility mitigation activities, including management of data associated with asbestos work, response action planning, scheduling and administration. The Management Planner also coordinates any activities of an asbestos operations and maintenance program.

This course has been granted full approval by the EPA and the State of Michigan to meet AHERA and ASHARA accreditation requirements for asbestos work in K-12 schools, as well as in public and commercial buildings.

A Management Planner must possess a valid Management Planner certificate and must have their certificate or a copy of their certificate with them at all times while working on the project. 

This course prepares you to immediately apply your knowledge to the field, with extensive hands-on training and real-world examples from experienced instructors. It combines lectures, discussions, and hands-on demonstrations.

Topics To Be Covered Include:

  • Role of The Management Planner
  • Evaluation and Interpretation of Survey Results
  • Hazard Assessments
  • Federal and State Regulatory Overview
  • Selection of Response Actions
  • Other Planning Considerations
  • Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach
  • Operations & Maintenance Programs
  • Development of Operations & Maintenance Plan
  • O & M Case Study
  • Applicable EPA Guidance Documents
  • Recordkeeping Procedures
  • Assembling and Submitting a Management Plan
  • Cost Estimation for Asbestos Abatement Projects

Training Prerequisite: Asbestos Inspector (24 Hours)

If you wish to sign up for this class, please use the Courses tab at the top of this page, or call our office at 269-383-6960.