Environmental Survey


Did you know that all commercial and public buildings built prior to 1981 must have full comprehensive asbestos survey and must fulfill training and notification requirements if asbestos is present?

Did you know that EVERY industrial, commercial or public building is required to have a comprehensive Asbestos survey PRIOR to any Demolition or Renovation activity?  

Did you know that EVERY demolition activity in the state of Michigan requires  MDEQ and  MiOSHA (Asbestos Program Office) be notified in writing at least 10 days prior to the start of the activity?  Large renovation projects also require the same notification schedule.  

Did you know that EVERY employee who works near asbestos is required to have two hours of Asbestos training every year?  OSHA Regulations at 29 CFR 1910.1101 require training for employees working with or around Asbestos.  These regulations require training as follows:

  • "Competent person  is specially trained in a training course which meets the criteria of EPA's Model Accreditation Plan for contractor/supervisor"  

  • "Training for workers performing Class I operations or Class II operations shall be the equivalent in curriculum, training method and length to the EPA asbestos abatement workers training"  

  • "For work with asbestos containing roofing materials, flooring materials, siding materials, ceiling tiles, or transite panels, training shall include “hands-on” training and shall take at least 8 hours."  In addition, a 12 hour trained competent person is required to be on site.

  • "An employee who works with more than one of the categories of material specified above shall receive training in the work practices applicable to each category of material that the employee removes and each removal method that the employee uses."  

  • "Training for  employees performing Class III operations shall be consistent with EPA requirements for training of local education agency maintenance and custodial staff and shall take at least 16 hours."  

  • "Training for employees performing Class IV operations shall be consistent with EPA requirements for training of local education agency maintenance and custodial staff . Such course shall take at least 2 hours." 

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Lead Survey / Risk Assessment

There are many regulations involving lead based paint with child occupied facilities.  

EOCT-MI can provide you with full comprehensive survey and risk assessments that will ensure you are in compliance with licensing regulations for your daycare, school, church, or other facility. 

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Phase I and Phase II Survey

If you are purchasing a commercdial property, the only protection you have is to have a site survey conducted to confirm the presence of potential hazardous conditions on the  your prospective site.  Contact our office for more information on how we can help you with this important safeguard.